Monday, November 26, 2007

happy day turkey!

So I haven't done very well with the whole a blog post a day. But at least I started posting again!

I've had the last several days off from work. Apparently people don't like to come to the hospital just before Thanksgiving. It was nice to have some time to catch my breath, but it got to the point where it was too much time to just do nothing. I don't have money or patience to go shopping right now. I did some little projects around my apartment, but the stuff I did isn't anything you can really tell by looking at my place. I got rid of a bunch of stuff in my closet and reorganized some stuff on those shelves, so it was good and worthwhile. Just not anything fancy I suppose.

Thanksgiving was fantastic. I went to my parent's house with a pumpkin pie (from scratch, including the crust) and some of my extra special salad ingredients and after K was off from work, he joined all of us. My niece insisted on helping us cook and did a pretty good job with the tasks we gave her. She's almost four and refuses to be patronized. My nephew made me laugh a lot. He told me he wants to make cupcakes too. I said we could definitely do that but I was also thinking about us going to the movies. He said he already did that before. Cupcakes it is! My niece told my mom that my nephew bit another kid at school. My mom said that it was okay because it wouldn't happen again. My nephew said "It could happen." But my very favorite thing that he did was actually to K. He was wiped. He had a full shift at work and it was insanely busy and a bunch of things did not go as smoothly as they should have. After we ate, K sat in one of the ridiculously comfortable chairs my parents have and dozed off a little. My nephew gave him the stuffed animal my niece used to go to naptime with. He is a very sweet little boy.

After pie and coffee time, K and I went to his sister's house where we ended up eating another round of turkey and the fixings. I love how no one makes stuffing the same as anyone else. It's just very cool how such a "standard" dish can be interpreted so many ways. I had a great time sitting and talking with his mom and sister especially and it was just a nice evening. It's still a little new to me to be around K's family and this was one of those magic times where everything seemed very relaxed and enjoyable and I just got to be myself and enjoy being a part of the crowd.

I took a little break from strictly eating healthy foods, but I don't think I went completely overboard. Tomorrow starts back up with the veggies and heart healthy items (I baked some muffins this weekend especially for eating this week), and also with working out on a regular basis. I need an hour a day of exercise, but it's okay if it isn't continuous. I'm going to start small with some walking and my yoga dvd. Any extra activity is good at this point and I am more focused on it becoming a daily habit than I am it being a strenuous workout. With that said though, if anyone has any ideas on fun ways to keep moving, send them my way!

I hope everyone else also had a fantastic Thanksgiving and some time to take a break from the routine activities. This is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love that the weather is cooperating and it is currently freezing outside. Maybe even literally at the moment. I'm going to go back to bed and snuggle down into my blankets.

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DeAnna said...

Hey! Slacker friend here! I am getting caught up on your blog! I totally love that your nephew said "It could happen" (regarding the biting) I totally pee'd myself! No joke!! I love your family! Glad to hear things are going so well! I miss you!!