Friday, November 2, 2007

fringe benefits

I work in a hospital.

This isn't new, but the unit where I work is slightly new. I have a lot more interaction with doctors and patients. The patients actually is still pretty low on the interaction list, but I answer the call lights, so there is that. Sometimes I whip up some broth or something too. But the doctors, I talk to them a lot. I get them order sheets and progress note sheets and page people and on and on. Some of them are hardcore jerks, most are pretty neutral, and some are hardcore cool.

Yesterday I noticed my old belly button ring hole was kind of infected. I now know about a bunch of infections and bacterias and complications so I was more concerned than I would have been say a few months ago. I asked one of the nurses when I should worry about the small little bump that was draining a little bit and then one of the techs was asking me questions. They finally said I should just show them and the doctor who had been sitting nearby going over a patient's chart said she wanted to see too.

I got a free little exam at work! Simple instructions: peroxide or alcohol, triple antibiotic cream, bandaids, and go to the doctor if it changes in size at all. I followed the directions and today my belly button looked MUCH better. I am, however, allergic to the adhesive in the bandaids from work because I have a lovely little rash right around my belly button, but I'll take that over cellulitis or MRSA any day.

Yay for a job with good insurance and yay for fringe benefits. :)

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