Sunday, November 11, 2007

a rare ridiculously lengthy offering

This weekend has been lovely.

Saturday actually started off pretty rotten. K had a class to go to and I took him there. We went to Burger King for some breakfast on the way. I don't completely love Burger King, but it had been ages and ages since I'd eaten there before this one by my apartment opened up. K and I were really excited to go there when it first opened a few months ago. I don't eat there much, but the quality of service has gone steadily downhill. Half the time we've ordered and paid for cheeseburgers but gotten home to realize there's no cheese. Or there's fries instead of onion rings. But it was on the way this weekend, so we went. And when the drive-thru person asked me to pull up to wait for the food, I was just kind of exasperated. They make EVERYONE pull forward. It's not like the person behind you's food is ready because that person will be asked to pull forward and park too. It's obnoxious. So I asked how long it was going to be and she said about thirty seconds. When I asked, as unsnottily as possible, if it was going to be thirty seconds why I needed to pull forward, I could feel K cringing. There was one car behind me and I just stayed at the window. They handed me a bag and I handed it to K and off we went. It was not the right order. It did have some french toast sticks which is what K ordered, but only 3 and not the 5 he had ordered. No hashbrowns or whatever, but three ham and cheese sandwiches.

Then, about halfway to the store where the class was, my truck freaked out. It started to overheat which was super weird because I had literally filled up the resevoir just before we left. I turned the heater on full blast and I guess that helped to remind the truck it could draw from the resevoir and it seemed to be okay after that. We got to the store before his class started, but not as early as he wanted to be there. It was alright, just not great. I felt awful about everything. I messed up the breakfast, my truck was being retarded, and now he wasn't set up to have a good class.

I went back to Burger King and couldn't get a refund because K had paid on his card, but they gave me the food I had actually ordered. I ate my breakfast and then decided to just get back into bed. I had intended to start on all the little things I had thought of during the week that needed to be done but left for the weekend but I just went back to sleep. K's class was going to be over at 4 so I got in the shower at about 2:45 pm to get ready and then be able to leave to be there early. When I got out of the shower, I had two missed calls and a text message from my boyfriend. As I was listening to the voicemail saying they got out early, he called again. I threw on some clothes, combed my hair, and left.

As I was driving there, I was thinking about the huge list of things I needed to do. Some cleaning, some organizing, putting a few items on eBay to keep the clutter down and get some extra cash, homework, figure out how to make the food I have stretch into meals for next week, clip coupons, read the newspaper, and catch up on emails and phone calls. Also, trying to know what to do about my truck. I don't have any extra money at all so if it breaks down, I'm screwed. I'm worried about my blood pressure and worrying doesn't help it and the stress I was feeling from listing all of this in my head was making me feel a little sick. By the time I picked K up, I just wanted to sit there and cry for a few minutes. I kept it together though. Crying in front of boys never really goes well.

We napped a little more when we got back to my place. And after talking a little and taking some extra time getting ready and actually putting styling product in my hair and makeup on, we left to go have dinner with my parents. We went to this fantastic pizza place. They have all the normal kinds of pizza, but they also have a bunch of crazy ones. You can get lamb or arugala or pine nuts on your pizza. There's five sauces to choose from I think. We got a sampler pizza that was double cut so we got to try a bunch of the different pizzas they offer. It was delicious. The conversation was fantastic and I had a really good time. I'm so glad I have a boyfriend that I can bring around my family and it be really enjoyable for everyone.

After dinner K and I went to the movies. It was my turn to pick (this is not a firm and fast rule, but we do generally take turns when there's a bunch of stuff out there that we both want to see) and although I'm really interested in seeing American Gangster and Dan in Real Live, I decided on Lions for Lambs. I am so glad I did. It gave me quite a bit to think about and I would love to see it again. I'm glad we saw it at that particular theater because the sound was amazing. It's been a long time since I've been to a GOOD theater and the seats shook with the sound of the helicopter and whatnot. Lions for Lambs was amazing, but not in the sense of going to the movies to be entertained. The movie was heartbreaking and intense and thoughtful. Most of all though, it was thought provoking. I want to own it later on so I can watch it when I need a boost of passion and drive. It was written by the same guy who wrote The Kingdom, which I also completely loved, but I don't think I can really handle watching again. I would love for my government teacher to see either one or both movies and then sit and talk with him.

Today was just very kick-back. I did some of my cleaning and organizing and feel much better about the state of my apartment. It isn't a pigsty, but I feel as though I could and should be a much better housekeeper. As it stands now, I feel as though I need to apologize to anyone who comes over. I would like to not feel like I need to explain or apologize. It seems like it should be easier to just keep things neat than it actually is. In any case though, things are looking better.

I cooked a fantastic breakfast at 2:30 pm or so and K and I caught up on taped tv shows and just enjoyed each other's company until he had to go to work. Now I'm writing this blog while I'm waiting for my comforter to dry. It's been through one dryer cycle and I think it might take two more. It's just difficult to launder a queen size comforter. I bought a yoga dvd today and since it reccommends watching it once all the way through before doing it, that's what is left on the agenda for today.

The blood pressure and stress seem much more manageable after some calm quality time with my family and my boyfriend. That's really why it was a lovely weekend.

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tina said...

Sounds like it started off rough, but ended on a high note... which is good. Yay for relaxing and accomplishing things :)