Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wednesday wonders!

A list of things making me happy:

...I got K some flowers (they were red, so they were manly) yesterday somewhat hesitantly but because I know it makes me happy to look at flowers, especially when I don't feel good or am having a bad day. I think it might have made him happier than it even makes me. I have the cutest boyfriend in the world.
...The Office even though we're now going to be in reruns. I really love that show and that's the big reason I hope the strike resolves soon, so it in particular can continue.
...a lovely set of Thanksgiving plans tomorrow. mom asked my niece if she was going to school the next day. My niece replied "Yeah, because if I don't go, my teachers worry about me." Where does she get this stuff?! mom and sister were talking about my grandmother coming to visit. My niece started saying we should have a party and my nephew waited for a pause in the hubub to say "Can I come?" Where else would he go? He's two and a half. water from Starbucks on my way to work which means a quick kiss from my man and a handy cup to refill with ice from the emergency room and water from our med room. blood pressure is under control so now we are just working on figuring out why it was so high with me being so young to have such issues.
...the best motivation I will ever have to lose weight and get in shape.
...a fantastic cardiologist.
...vitamin water. I accidently discovered it while gathering groceries for my sick boyfriend and it is fantastic. A little expensive, but a nice every so often or sick treat for sure. new favorite snack: a banana and about 5 nilla wafers. It might remind you of the 5th grade, but it's still awesome.
...Weight Watchers frozen meals. Delicious, satisfying, not that many calories etc. It's a nice kickstart into cutting calories without starving myself. I suck at starving myself. Obviously.
...The Real Housewives of Orange County being my favorite trainwreck to watch. Although I randomly really love Simmons Family Jewels too. I know nothing about KISS, but that family is pretty fun and surprisingly normal. birth control pill samples. I have seven months worth of free medicine. That is a fantastic amount of savings!
...shredded wheat in the morning time.
...text messages. They never get old!
...books and magazines.
...the amazing amount of love in my life. :)

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