Wednesday, November 14, 2007

wednesday wonders!

Things that have made me happy this week...

...dinner with K, my mom, and my dad. It was a great pizza place and it was great conversation.
...Lions for Lambs. I was angry at one of the characters like he was a real person who had personally done me wrong.
...a surprise visit from K yesterday. He made a big deal about how we wouldn't see eachother much this week because he has to get up earlier than he's used to and work long shifts and on and on and it wasn't a huge deal. And then he came over anyway.
...making holiday plans. yoga for beginners dvd.
...being good at my job and basically liking it. I don't wake up overjoyed to go to work, but I certainly don't dread it. It's kind of nice to feel that way. doctor appointment today and one tomorrow. I'm going to get fixed up one of these days.
...being able to swap tapes of tv shows with my boyfriend's sister when one of us misses one because we enjoy the same Thursday night programming. a big ol delicious breakfast the other day
...washing my comforter, even though it took four dryer cycles to get it all the way dry.
...low electricity and water bills.
...making decisions about school.
...being able to find scholarships that I qualify for and still having time to apply and whatnot. showers.
...I got an A on my last government test!
...blogging on a fairly regular basis again.
...Robert Redford. neighbors across from me don't keep piles of trash outside their door anymore. more ants.
...Weight Watchers frozen meals being delicious and filling and not a gazillion calories.
...cranberry juice.
...having gotten my boyfriend addicted to cranberry juice (luckily though, when he drinks it all, he buys me more). wearing a small amount of makeup can make such a huge difference.
,,,soft undershirts for my not so soft scrub tops.
...clean clothes in general.
...hummus with a toasted english muffin to dip into it.
...extra sleep.

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