Tuesday, November 20, 2007

just random stuff, the thanksgiving version

I got my bloodwork results today. Everything is fine except my cholesterol. She said it's supposed to be 150 and mine is 177. So a lowfat diet will take care of that, and I already started that so I'm good. My blood pressure is much lower which is also very nice. I got copies of my test results and the weird EKG. I'm going to a cardiologist tomorrow.

My boyfriend is sick. I feel so bad for him but there really isn't a lot I can do. I'd go over to his house and just curl up with him if he had a bigger bed, wouldn't be annoyed, and there was some guarantee I wouldn't also get sick. I figure at this point in the game I'm pretty safe and I also got a flu shot a few weeks ago.

I'm baking a pumpkin pie and making a salad to take to my parents' house on Thursday and trying to think up something to make to K's sister's house. My sister has my other pie pan, so I was thinking a loaf of some sort would be nice and then it wouldn't step on anything that's already there. K and I are at a strange junction where our families assume we will be including each other in the big celebrations but it doesn't seem like we're expected to bring stuff yet. Or maybe it's just that my mom knows I will ask what I should bring or suggest something for me to add and K's family knows I will at least bring a bottle of wine so there's no real discussion needed.

It was super slow at work and one of us needed to go home and I was the least attached to staying there today. So I'm at home. I think I'm going to go and do something productive so it looks like it was worth it to be hanging out at home. :)

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