Tuesday, November 13, 2007

and on friday i wasn't even wearing makeup

I work in a kind of holding area of the hospital. People go to the doctor and their doctor tells them they need to go to the hospital for labwork, a blood or platelet transfusion, or to be admitted. Sometimes when they get to the hospital a bed (room) is ready for them, but most of the time they have to wait a little bit. They come to my area to start treatment and be a little more comfortable. We have 9 stretchers (that look like beds) and they are seperated from eachother by partitions and the famous huge hospital curtains. My desk is right by the door. There are two stretchers right across from me.

And this is all I want to say: What is the deal with putting patients in stretchers 1 and 2 that would rather stare at me than watch their little tvs or sleep or talk on the phone or do anything besides creep me out for hours at a time? One on Friday and one today (technically yesterday I guess). Not. Cool.

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