Friday, June 29, 2007

five reasons why i adore my boyfriend

1. He has an amazing sense of humor. It's my favorite kind because he can say all kinds of crazy stuff while keeping a straight face. The best time to see that in action is when he's working with the store manager. Today though, I sent him a text that my dad was in line at the Apple store for an iPhone and he replied with iSweet!

2. He has a beautiful heart. He is kind and honorable and treats others with respect. He is compassionate and loving and fiercely loyal. There is a warmth in him that not everyone has and I love being around it.

3. He's hot. When I see him across the room and he hasn't seen me yet or he's busy or whatever, I sigh dreamily to myself. Do you know how freaking cool it is to sigh dreamily to yourself over a guy and then have him walk over and kiss you? It's the best. :)

4. He challenges me to become a better version of me. He loves me a ridiculous amount but knows there are things I want to change and there are things I should change. He is really great at being able to push me without making me feel dumb for not having done these things before or seen what I should have done. He's really supportive when something is important to me, even if he doesn't see why at first.

5. He never treats me like I'm crazy. I've calmed down on my own over the years, but I still worry that people are going to think I'm crazy in the bad way. Even when I'm worked up over something that might not be that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, he listens and helps me break it down without ever treating me like I'm being ridiculous. I don't worry about talking to him about anything, ever. When it's something that is hard to bring up, I know that it is only going to be difficult to start the conversation, not actually have it. That is tremendous to me. I can't even fully express to you how amazing that really is in my life.


Julie said...

:) He sounds like a keeper!!!

m3li558 said...

I'm a pretty big fan. :)

Yours is pretty fantastic too, redecorating bathrooms and whatnot!