Saturday, June 9, 2007

weight watchers week 3

I didn't meet my goal, but it I knew it was a little foolhardy to begin with. This week I lost .8 pounds. Still a loss, but not nearly as exciting as last week! Earlier this week I had noticed my face seems to look a little better. My curves are showing a tiny bit more too, but both of these changes may not really be noticable to anyone else. I see myself every day so I am sure I will notice things that others won't, and especially at this point. We're pretty early in the game. :)

Part of the low weight loss may be because last week I weighed in on an empty stomach and this week I had some chips and salsa with K about an hour and a half before weighing in. Oh well. But I think it should be noted that I had chips and salsa while he had some cheesy tater tots and a cheeseburger with all the fixings. I would have really liked to dive into those cheesy tater tots, let me tell you!

I have been parking a little further away to up my walking and making a gazillion little trips to take care of things at work rather than condensing it into one lap around the area where I work. Next week I think I will take the really long way back to my truck after work even when it is all humid and hot outside.

So, things that were easy and good for me this week:
-drinking the six servings of water. Now actually, if I don't, I crave it. That's awesome. I'm hoping it will help my skin clear up a tiny bit too.
-choosing healthier options when presented with things to pick from.
-keeping track of food points even when it doesn't look favorable to me.
-reading articles on and gleaning tips and recipes from there.
-not being obnoxious about what I can and cannot eat.
-my dear friend Splenda being super stoked about us being WW-BFF!

What I think will help me next week:
-focusing on feeling better and healther instead of the numbers on the scale.
-eating way more fruits and vegetables than this week. This was lacking for sure, even though I didn't really exceed my points through the week.
-walking longer distances and more often than I do now. I am going to try to find a pedometer and see what walking 10,000 steps a day is like.
-posting questions and comments on the community boards on the WW site.
-keep talking to my dear friend Splenda about different foods that are awesome!

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