Wednesday, June 20, 2007

wednesday wonders

It's been a rough week for exactly no reason. But here's a list of happy things anyway. Other regular programming to resume next week...

...getting free issues of People by signing up for the trial thing. I don't want a real subscription to the magazine but it has been kind of fun getting a few issues in the mail.
...reading with K. He had a book, I had a book, we each propped ourselves up with a few pillows and read for a good chunk of time together this weekend. I can't even explain how much I loved this.
...cold bottled water. Not because I'm a snob, because it's conveinent.
...libraries are free unless you have overdue books (like I always do, but hey, more money for new books to be purchased!).
...that new show Traveller.
...the Closer is back on with a new season. Kyra Sedgewick is fantastic.
...K knows me ridiculously well and it still catches me off guard.
...last night I made out with K for a whole Pearl Jam song while we were sitting in my truck by his house. It was very high school but it was also very great.
...emails and letters from friends I haven't been the best at keeping in touch with on my end.
...almost getting to flip my schedule. Just that there's a date on the calendar when it will happen makes me very happy.
...sitting and talking with an old co-worker last night. We should really hang out and be real life friends. for being interesting, not actually something I want to do. I like the water pictures, but the one where the dress is on fire? That's scary. Also, I don't need an engagement photo shoot that looks like we're having sex on the beach. But kudos on the interesting pictures!
...rice pudding and the fact that K is now addicted to it as well.
...big ripe tomatoes perfect for slicing and sprinkling salt on and eating.
...oatmeal bread with avocado, tomatoes, and a tiny bit of bacon. So good that I wanted another one just because it tasted so freaking good.
...not having another sandwich just because the first one tasted so good. :)
...having lost 6.2 pounds total. I think it's from my face and wrists. Hopefully this week's comes from my belly.
...Google reader because it is even better than bloglines and that is truly saying something because I thought that was the best invention ever for awhile there.
...having plans on Friday night with my mom. niece making me laugh so hard on Sunday.
...making my nephew smile even as he had his face buried in my sister's shoulder because he was really upset about something.

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