Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i either need more to do or to get more sleep.

Yesterday I was kind of tired. Lately I've had a hard time going to bed at a decent hour on Sundays because I've been able to relax for most of the day and so am not really tired by the time my normal bedtime rolls around. It's not a bad problem to have, so I'm more just explaining than complaining. I still have to get up when it's dark on Monday morning to get to work in time to walk for awhile before getting to my desk on time and everything.

When I got home I was starving and took the afternoon off from good Weight Watcher choices and made up some nachos and enjoyed them tremendously. I was kind of sleepy/bored and didn't have any plans so eventually I decided to wash my face and get into bed and watch some Sex and the City and read for awhile. I fell asleep kind of quickly and was for all intents and purposes dead to the world.

Until my phone rang.

I have the capability to assign different ring tones to different people. I kind of us groupings. So my family all have the same ring tone that is different from the ring tone of unknown callers and that is different from my good friends group, etc. Certain people have their own tones though. K and Splenda most notably. I like having the different tones because that way when I'm halfway asleep, I know whether or not I should wake myself up to get the phone.

So it was K who was calling and it startled me because I was in the middle of a dream and probably drooling on my arm. I sat up and had a split second of panic because it was dark and I figured something had to be wrong for him to be calling me so early my alarm clock hadn't even gone off. Then I glanced at the clock. It was 10:30 pm.


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