Wednesday, June 6, 2007

wednesday wonders

Some things that I have been finding delight in for the past week. Ta-da!

...I have a boyfriend who will let me cry on him and patiently listen to me figure out how to say why it is that I am crying in the first place. THEN he does his best to fix it even if it's just mostly that I'm being retarded.
...I have a boyfriend who pulls me so tight to him that I almost can't breath just so we can be close.
...I told K last night that when he looks at me I feel beautiful and he got tears in his eyes.
...yesterday was Melissa and DeAnna day! More details later. :) and Splenda are WW-BFF!
...I've gotten to read a bunch of magazines lately. I LOVE magazines but don't buy them much because I can use that money for other stuff. But if I could, I'd subscribe to Glamour and maybe People.
...those allergy medinces and whatnot are totally working. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have an un-achey head.
...I lost 5.6 pounds last week and it wasn't very hard!
...I've seen the sunrise a few times this week. It kind of sucks that I'm on my way to work that early, but there's something kind of magical about hazy sunlight creeping its way through the city.
...I went to the movies last night AND had popcorn.
...K was kind of scared by 28 Weeks Later too. Heh. iTalk
...I'm really digging these days.
...looking up names on
...Modest Mouse
...chocolate covered gummy bears. It might sound gross or weird, but any hesitation disappears the second you pop one in your mouth.
...looking at my life and realizing it's a pretty good thing I've got going.


DeAnna said...

Your comment about when K looks at you it makes you feel beautiful makes me get tiery eyed!! so cute!

m3li558 said...

I got me a good one. :)