Saturday, June 16, 2007

weight watchers week 4

So all in all, it was an okay week. Okay enough that I have lost a total of 6.2 pounds!

I could have made some better choices, but I decided to go ahead and go to the meeting and weigh in so I just knew. You get a free pass to not weigh in if you ever want to, but I guess I will just save it for later.

The thing that is working the best for me is taking food with me to work. When I take a frozen meal or just pack a lunch, I don't make bad choices. When I have the time to really thinking about what I'm doing and plan out my meals just for the day, I do much better than when I get to work and wander around the cafeteria looking for something good. I got better at this through the week so that means it won't always be this hard. I'm really working on changing habits and paying attention to what is easy and what is difficult for me.

Easy things this week:
-drinking water.
-parking further away to make sure to be walking ten minutes before and after work which means 2 activity points a day for me.
-journaling all my food even when I know I went way over my points for the day.

Difficult things this week:
-staying positive. One bad choice does not tank the entire week. In fact, I can make up for it with activity points or just a lot of vegetables the rest of the day.
-doing any more activity than the walking to and from my truck.
-getting all my servings of dairy in every day.

Goals for next week:
-more activity points. On Friday I walked up to the fifth floor and then back down. I work on sublevel 2, so this was quite a few stairs and I'm not going to lie, I was definitely out of breath when I made it back down to my desk. I would like to make this trek at least three times this week. The week after, I'll add another floor. There's 10 floors total, so that's the ultimate goal for working out during the work day.
-to not use any of the extra flex points.
-to lose 2 pounds. Hopefully from here on out, but this week especially. Not using the flex points will help I'm sure.
-to make sure to take food with me to work every day.

My favorite thing that I ate was at my mom and dad's house. They made shrimp skewers and grilled them. Mine had shrimp, mushrooms, onions, and pineapple. Each piece of shrimp was 1 point and I had three skewers with a little bit of wild rice and a piece of cantaloupe. I was pretty full at the end of dinner and I figure the meal was about 10 points. Awesome.

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