Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wednesday wonders

It's time for my weekly list of things making me happy!

...the Spurs are doing VERY well and I actually know enough (just barely, but still) to talk about them with people at work.
...I have a new job lined up that will result in several hours of overtime for a good chunk of time. It's the best of both worlds!
...still losing weight on Weight Watchers and it's still not a very big deal to have made most of the changes.
...dinner with K, his mom, and his sister. They are terrific. Don't tell anyone though, K is my favorite.
...I made a coworker laugh ridiculously hard yesterday.
...even though I have been sucking at writing people back, people like Splenda keep emailing me. I promise, I am working on not sucking! niece would really like to go to the movies with her parents, brother, me and K. I don't know when that can happen, but that will be a delight.
...I really had a good time going to K's mom's house to watch the game last night. We couldn't stay the whole time, but it was good chatting and fun to watch the game. What's weird though is even though the Spurs won, the game overall was kind of lame.
...I've been spending a LOT of time with K lately and I know this will make me sound kind of dumb, but the more time I spend with him, the more time I want to spend with him. I usually need a little time to recharge by myself regardless of how awesome the person I am spending time with is, but with him, I just want to be around him all the time. I love it.
...apricots and plums, washed and in a bowl in my fridge ready to eat.
...spicy pork fajita gordita from Chacho's. I don't know how many points it was, but it was freaking delicious. I'll be walking extra today just in case.
...Mexican food in Texas is different than Mexican food in California, but I am now finding it to be delicious.
...dinner with my parents on Sunday. Good conversation and good food. They made shrimp skewers with veggies and pineapple, wild rice, and there was also cantaloupe. It was fantastic.
...walking around the tremendousy large building where I work in the air conditioned envrionment that counts as exercise without making me feel like I'm going to melt into a gross puddle of Melissa goo.
...K has been calling just to say he loves me and that he'll talk to me later.
...daydreams. allergy drama!
...finding out it was very good that my acid reflux was diagnosed and is being taken care of because there's a big ol' family history around it I had no idea about.
...colored dry erase markers with erasers built into the caps. Office supplies make me happy.
...going to the movies two times in a week and a half! showers in a clean bathtub.
...fresh clean fabric softener scented sheets. stuff that is delicious and holds up well as leftovers.
...hanging out at Starbucks but not working there. I didn't hate working there, but it's kind of nice to not have to spend half my day saying "What size?" over and over again.
...Ocean's 13. I want to see the other two, then see Ocean's 13 again. And then again after that. It really was that fantastic.
...the band Copeland
...typing so much that my fingernails grow ridiculously fast and are strong.
...central air in my apartment.

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