Saturday, September 1, 2012

the one where we got a new family picture!

Dear Samson,

You are two years old. I think you were only a terrible two year old for a couple of days, and for that I am very grateful. You have one parent who has never met a stranger in his life and another who was her mother's "velcro child" for at least the first five years of her life in that she would attach herself to her mother's leg rather than let her leave. So somewhere in the middle of all of that, this has been the summer of not particularly great professional pictures. Not horrendously awful, but not fantastic.

You can be very shy and I think the concept of getting your pictures taken is kind of a weird one to you. But that's okay. I told the photographer today not to worry about getting you to smile. We would look at whatever pictures we got today and remember you were two and weren't really into the whole idea of professional pictures. She relaxed quite a bit.

But nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with what we got! One last official family picture before Baby C-2 joins us. I'm a happy mama.

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