Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the one where it's a list of happy things!

Here are some things that have been making me happy in the last week...

...S has gotten extra funny all of the sudden. Today I asked him to come to me because it was time to get dressed. He replied, "No Mommy, Sa-son is sleeping." and then collapsed on the floor and fake snored. Who IS this kid?!
...I am super sad that my regular baby-sitting job is coming to an end. The happy thing is that my boss is super sad too. Which I guess sounds really weird. But I'm going to miss them a lot and it's nice to know they will miss me too!
...Baby C-2 is crazy busy and wiggly. He moves around so much at night it is crazy. Also when I eat or drink certain things, which I like to pretend is because he loves them as much as I do. Who really knows, right? Therefore, he is also crazy about sparkling water and pastor tacos.
...blogs blogs blogs. Reading them, writing them, editing them. It all makes me happy.
...Schmidt on The New Girl.
...The new Mumford and Sons album!
...K bought the new Mumford and Sons album yesterday and left it, in the packaging, for me to take in the car today. New music plus husbandly thoughtfulness is ridiculously great.
...I have that hormone or whatever now that makes it so my hair doesn't really fall out. Good because so much less hair in the bathroom. Bad because my hair is getting thicker rather than longer and I feel a bit like a lion until I get my hair into a ponytail.
...Ponytails of crazy curly hair.
...ultrasound scheduled for the morning AND my mom might be able to come too! sister letting me complain all I want about various pregnancy awkwardness in my life so I don't sound like a grumpy pregnant lady to the world at large.
...making stuffed jalapenos. They are not difficult to make, but there is a technique for cutting and gutting the peppers that I've managed to get the hang of and it just takes a little time to get everything together. But every time I make them, people LOVE them. And that's the best part of cooking or baking anything for me, other people enjoying it.
...talking with K about creating a stuffed jalapeno recipe that is a little bit more complicated and homemade.
...praying for friends and their families about really specific things and getting to hear how things are going.
...some really fabulous friends are throwing me a baby shower soon and I am really excited to get to celebrate a new little baby and be happy with a bunch of people all at the same time! husband pulled one of the pastors from our church aside the other day and talked to him quite a bit about some questions and some things that had happened. That makes me happy, but it also makes me happy that the pastor didn't mind that one bit, emailed K later on, and wants to set up a time later for them to talk more.

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