Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the one where i make another list of happy things!

Here is a small list of things making me happy this week...

...I am now 24 weeks pregnant and still not high risk! It is kind of amazing that my blood pressure is so gorgeous. It could shoot up any time, but I will still be grateful for making it over halfway only having to see one doctor!
...I have sheets on my bed that are striped and are white, orange, yellow, pink, and red. That makes me happy. As does the fact K doesn't mind one bit.
...back-rubs birthday was on Tuesday!
...I got to have some food with a good friend I haven't chatted with in too long.
...there is more celebrating to do on Saturday! parents AND my husband each got me a non-stick skillet and they are different and it means I can easily make over-easy eggs at home. (I kind of hate my stainless steel pot/pan set but can't afford to replace it)
...Teen Mom is over. It just got too messy and I feel bad for the kids. So I'm glad I don't even have the option of tuning in anymore.
...S is working on potty training and it's going super well!
...the way S very seriously tells me he has a penis and a butt almost every time he's on the potty.
.,,school started which means my baby-sitting gig has a much more defined schedule. hair is actually getting longer, finally!
...K was eating all the Sour Patch Kids except the red ones so he could give me a box of just red ones.
...little Baby C-2 is a crazy kicking machine.
...they made the left turn signal a blinking yellow at Callaghan and Bandera. I can't tell you how many times I've sat there waiting for the light to turn green when there are no cars around at all! birthday is over so it's officially time to get super excited about our wedding anniversary!

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