Sunday, August 19, 2012

the one where i mention "church" and "amazeballs" together

I am still a little sick. I am more than a little tired of being sick. But I am feeling much better and we went to church today. The children's area is divided up into themed rooms and S goes to the Jungle now. I love the themes... He started in the Beehive before he knew how to walk, went to the Barnyard, and then hit the Jungle when he turned three. The thing about the Jungle is they do art projects every week. My church doesn't mess around when it comes to talking to people, even the littles, about Jesus and that is something I appreciate very much. Saying S loves to color is a huge understatement. The pictures are taped to the door so the parents can grab them as they pick up their children. S either has two sheets when everyone else has one or his is at least double filled up compared to everyone else's. My artist husband is thrilled about this.

He cried and called for us as we left him there today but we both know the adults in that room will call us if they need to and that when we go to pick S up, we will more than likely have to wait for him to do just one more thing before he's ready to leave. And sure enough, that's what happened today.

K and I sat in the row for people with small children because there is a bit more room and I can sit on the end and not have to move at all which is lovely since even though I'm not huge yet, I'm really awkward and definitely sweaty pretty much all the time. Still being a little sick, I didn't stand for the singing time and I didn't sing because when I talk too much I start coughing. Honestly though, I don't know how much I would have sang anyway.

The guy on drums this morning was completely amazeballs. I mean, really. I love music. I have gone to a gazillion concerts. I have seen different kinds of music. I have had many musician friends, including a drummer that I spent a fair amount of time with. But I have truly never seen or heard a better drummer than this man. Getting to watch anyone do anything with passion is remarkable. I appreciated so much that this guy was playing like that for church.

I don't know him, but one time he was at Starbucks with another guy who plays guitar at our church and I told him (the guitar player) that when he started playing a particular song I thought to myself, "Holy crap balls, that guy can play! And I get to hear it in CHURCH!" Luckily they both laughed and mentioned that it was nice to hear "holy crap balls" in reference to something that happened at church.

I feel that way a lot about City Church. I really do. I am so thankful that my husband works at a Starbucks down the road from the church offices and that the staff there prayed for us to start coming. Because we did, in a seemingly random set of circumstances, and our lives are so much better now than they were a year and a half ago.


Angela Cook said...

Melissa I have been reading back thru your blog an I am loving it! The drummer you are speaking of...yeah I totally agree amazeballs!!! I really enjoyed him as well!

Melissa said...

Oh, thanks! I hope it makes you laugh at some point or another!

I tweeted about that drummer being incredible and then he played at the downtown campus and someone made a short video clip and put it on my Facebook page for me! How cool is that?! Hopefully not creepy, because that's totally not how I intend my admiration of his skill to be. I just hope that there's something in my life that I am so passionate about that everyone around me can SEE it!