Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the one where it's a list of happy things!

I'm still actually sick, but there are things making me happy anyway!

...sauerkraut. I had no idea it was so cheap at the grocery store! My friend just gave me a recipe to make my own and it's ridiculously easy (and kind of disgusting), but for now the giant jar I got for less than two dollars is delicious.
...fresh red cherries and how they stain my fingers as I eat them. like a mofo son's insistence that he do everything himself. Honestly, sometimes this is very annoying, but most of the time I just revel in the fact that he's growing up and wants to be independent.
...this new little baby jumping all around all crazy-like
...pregnancy sex
...someone made this compiliation of what Olympic divers look like in the middle of their dives. And then someone took those pictures and put them all on toilets. And every time I see it, I laugh heartily. I was clearly MEANT to be a mom of two boys! Boys think that kind of stuff is hilarious, right?
...the ten year old girl I baby-sit made me a list of name suggestions for Baby C-2 because she is concerned we haven't decided yet. cold water cold sparkling water
...starting to feel a little bit better, thankfully
...getting to write on a more regular basis for In the Trenches in the not so distant future.
...the lady I baby-sit for most often told me I'm one of the most patient people she's ever seen, with my kid AND with her kids. Once her son threw his homework at me and I calmly said, "Well, I don't know how you're going to get it done if it's all the way over here." She said she still thinks about how her reaction would have been the polar opposite.
...reading five thousand blogs a day on my iPhone. iPhone.
...Pioneer Woman recipes. I very rarely make them exactly as written because she typically includes a couple of sticks of butter, but even with alterations, they are freaking delicious.
...Beverly Hills Nannies. So I don't make $35-40 an hour, but I also don't have to get colonics or eye lash extensions to have a job either. I feel like that is a more than fair trade.
...being more than halfway through this pregnancy
...It's August! It's my birthday month!
...having a husband that totally gets it when I say I really need a night off.
...having a husband who tells me it's time for a date night (but I still get a night off too).
...Twitter. (@meljamc)
...chocolate milk
...chocolate milkshakes
...eating in general
...having friends who sincerely pray for me and my family third wedding anniversary is in a month!


THE Stephanie said...

You went there. You TOTALLY went there. 3 TIMES!!! LOL

Melissa said...

Sex? I only mentioned one thing! What are you talking about?! (I'm being serious!)

Swizzlestick said...

I know Kristen on BHN. I actually babysat her once. (She was such a brat!). Her and my sister were friends growing up. That was the only reason I started watching that show. lol

Yay for pregnancy sex. Well, I can't speak from experience, but I can only assume its at least equally good to unpregnancy sex.

And yay for your birthday month!!!

Melissa said...

Hey Swizzle! That's awesome! I don't think I'd like to know Kristen in real life. She gives off this vibe like she's above everyone else but kind of desperate at the same time. I don't know. Anyway, I was curious about the show because I like the Real Housewives and I am kind of a part-time nanny myself so I wanted to see how it compared. The show is kind of irritating though. I wish it was more about the nanny duties and less about stupid nanny on nanny drama.

And you know I'll talk about whatever, but without being too ridiculous I'll just say pregnancy sex is a little bit awkward but then worth it because there's so much extra blood flow to the area. Area 7, if you're a Friends fan. :)