Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the one where there are things making me happy and i make a list of them

Wednesday! Time to make a list of things making me happy this week!

...we are getting very close to being able to potty train S (I think) and just the idea of taking a break from diapers makes me VERY happy!
...I found a coupon for a very cheap haircut for S at a place I've taken him before with good results! I heart coupons.
...I had a date night with my hubs! Pasha, which is Mediterranean food, and it was delicious.
...I tried baba ganoush for the first time and really liked it.
...I really liked baba ganoush so much that I found a recipe and made some at home the next day. It was very close to the restaurant version and very much delicious. my last OB appointment, instead of using the doppler to hear the heartbeat, my doctor wheeled in the old ultrasound machine for a quick look see. My sweet boy waved at me. And his heart was beating beautifully. mom got me low sugar apricot jam. Wahoosie! biggest baby-sitting client told me how her husband raved about me to her the other day. I like hearing nice things about myself.'s August! It's my birthday month and also although it is stinking hot right now, fall is around the corner! Maybe some relief for me and our electricity bill!
...donating to a garage sale for a good cause means I got to get rid of three giant boxes already and may still be able to cart some more out of there. Whew.
...I have a very small collection of new itty bitty clothes for Baby C-2. I still have all of the clothes from when S was itty bitty and I'm excited to go through them and see what I've got for the first few months. with my fantastic friend the fabulous Lori! It was really great to talk to her and laugh. She is very much a kindred spirit.
...watching K and S color together. He's a really good dad.
...weirdly, when I order a Route 44 Water with Lemon at Sonic, they now put exactly the amount of lemon I really want in it. This makes me happy even though a few months ago when I was specifying an amount, they would freak out about it every time.
...watching Friends on Nick at Nite. I don't know if I will ever get tired of that show. I wish it was more socially acceptable to quote from it all the time in public.
...on Saturday, I get to go to a leadership training event to be involved in the step study program at my church! That program changed my life and I am thrilled to maybe help someone else go through it.
...K and I almost have a name for our baby. It's not 100% yet. We probably won't share it any time soon because we may change our minds a few more times and people get really weird about baby names.
...this little baby loves any and all Asian food. Fine by me! I could eat Thai or Japanese food every day for the rest of my life and be a happy girl.
...the other night I asked K if he wanted to give S a bath or if he wanted to vacuum S's room and change his sheets. K chose cleaning the room which was awesome because sitting next to the tub is totally the easier of the two! Plus we were a dynamic team, getting S all nice and clean and set for a good night in his room.
...S seriously has the best hair ever. It's super wavy and thick. I love it and every time I wash it I realize just how much of it there is. He was basically bald for the first year of his life but this hair was definitely worth the wait!
...thinking about what this second baby is going to look like. We had said if we got to pick, S would have had K's hair color and my eye color. He is the opposite. I wonder what the odds are of this baby having black hair and blue eyes. He's going to be gorgeous no matter what though! a RIDICULOUS amount all of the sudden. I mean, I'm exhausted, but I am relieved to have a nice amount of money coming in. And then school will start and it will be a much regular gig.
...looking at getting a new to us car for K. So, by the way, if you know anyone selling a used car that we can talk to, let me know! Our wish list is pretty low key. Working a/c, windows that roll up and down, doors that lock, a radio, and no random leaks that no one can figure out exactly what they are. church on Sat, the pastor from the church in Liberia we sent Bibles to at Christmas time spoke for just a quick minute. It was just very very cool. Also, one of our pastors gave him a Spurs shirt as gift and he just put it on over the shirt he had on right away. I thought that was really neat.

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