Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the one where i make a list of things making me happy this week

Even if you're sick, there can still be things making you happy! Here are some of them...

...I am 20 weeks along today which means I am at least halfway there. S was a few weeks early, so there's even that!
...talking about boy names for real now with K.
...finding it funny that we haven't decided on any names, first or middle, for Baby C-2 yet.
...kissing S' fabulous velvet cheeks. The ones on his face. I've never kissed his butt.
...100% cranberry juice with no sugar added
...getting to go to a free breastfeeding class where I learned a lot and feel much better about the support I will have this time around.
...encouraging random pregnant ladies.
...the whole toddler bed/S bed time thing starting to get a little better husband giving me a back rub every night husband bringing me passion tea lemonade with raspberry instead of classic, even when I don't specifically ask him to
...pickles hair is crazy super thick and actually seems to be getting longer!
...S and his amazing dance moves at K's cousin's wedding last Friday
...scoring an amazing Groupon that means we can get one more family picture in before December. So that'll be one at six months for S and then one where he's two. Easily repeatable with Baby C-2!
...the very very occasional Dr. Pepper with lime.
...being mostly off of caffeine, except for the very very occasional Dr. Pepper with lime.
...McKayla Maroney's vault was so amazingly beautiful that I literally cried love of gymnastics being based on the fact that I took a class one time when I was like 8 and was HORRIBLE at it. I literally walked across the balance beam once without falling. And I was scared of the uneven bars. So I am astounded at the beauty, grace, and strength of those ladies. And blown away.
...reading with S.
...encouragement from random people at random times that actually lets me know God is watching and taking care of me showers
...fresh fruit. Gobs and gobs of fresh fruit. Cherries, apples, cantaloupe, strawberries. Get in my belly! morning sickness for being ravenous but still having a total weight gain of 2 pounds so far in my pregnancy

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