Friday, January 22, 2010

seven quick takes

Seven Quick Takes Friday!

1. Being pregnant is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It is physically and emotionally demanding and you don't get to just lay someplace and only be pregnant. You have the rest of life to take care of and also, the end of pregnancy is the beginning of motherhood. To say it's been a daunting experience seems to almost make light of it. With all of that said though, getting to see the extra clear ultrasound pictures of my baby's face yesterday wiped away months of exhaustion and frustration. So far I'd say, even with knowing all of the madness that comes with it, I'd definitely have another kid.

2. I really enjoy cooking. It doesn't make a big difference at this point if it's a tried and true recipe or if it's something brand new to me, I just like doing it. I made biscuits and gravy before my husband went to work today and it was immensely satisfying to me to do it all from scratch. I am thinking about making a big list of things I want to try to learn how to make and having at it.

3. Braxton Hicks contractions suck. And painless? No. It's like having a charlie horse in my belly. Even more awesome is that they tend to start late at night as I'm desperately wanting to go to sleep. The only good thing is that from the ultrasound I just had, Braxton Hicks contractions are not going to do anything besides be a pain to me.

4. It's back in the 70s in good ol' San Antonio. I was hoping winter would last a little longer. Days like today where I get hit hard by the amount of cedar in the air and it's warmer than I think it should be in January, I want to start making a list of places for us to move to. But then I remember that Ki's family is here, a nice chunk of mine is here, and we're having a baby. So San Antonio it is, for the foreseeable future. But if anyone has any suggestions on combating cedar fever, don't be shy!

5. Hot baths with Epsom salt cannot be spoken of highly enough. There's something magical that happens that makes it so your muscles relax a little more than they would with the hot water alone. There's no fun fizzing or nice smells but since that's probably not the whole point anyway, I guess it's okay.

6. Joel McHale was on Conan this week talking about his kid's strange sense of humor. He said his five year old said he could count really high so he asked him how high he could count to. The five year old said "I could count until you're dead." I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Little kids saying things like that with no malicious intent is hysterical to me.

7. I need stuff to read! Please tell me about your favorite books and bloggers.

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