Friday, January 8, 2010

seven quick takes instead of friday fives

I've been reading some new blogs and several ladies do seven quick takes on Fridays. I like it so I'm totally stealing the idea. I'd give credit but I have no idea who started it... But I think it's a nice way to end the week.

1. I was going to write a blog and use the title "Oh, the weather outside is frightful" because I suppose it kind of is. It's 28 degrees and roughly the time of day that is the hottest here in San Antonio. I love it! I wish this was normal for this time of year but I'll settle for a couple of weeks of it. Yesterday though, I had this conversation with my husband as we hurried into the doctor's office:

"It is effing cold!"
"I know! It makes me have to pee but that's okay since I have to pee in a cup as soon as I get inside."
"It just makes me want to walk faster."
"So I guess we won't be moving to Colorado someday?"
"You can. I'll visit you. In the summer."

2. My youngest niece is almost seven months old. She is currently going through separation anxiety and really prefers to be in my sister's arms but will reluctantly settle for having her in her line of vision. So as much as I want to scoop her up and cover her with kisses, I have to hold back so she doesn't get to upset. Yesterday, despite all of this, I made her laugh harder than my mom has ever seen her laugh. My sister and I helped her "tickle" me and for whatever reason, Baby Niece thought it was HYSTERICAL. The harder she laughed, the harder I would, and then she'd laugh even harder. It was awesome. I love being an aunt.

3. Last night I quasi-kicked Ki out of bed. I was horribly uncomfortable and sleepy and frustrated that the sleepiness wasn't turning into actual sleep and he mentioned wanting to get up and watch tv for a few more hours and I heavily encouraged it. I fell asleep pretty quickly after he went into another room. After awhile I woke up and reached for him and he wasn't there and it made me sad. I'm not really getting enough sleep in one shot anymore but I need a better solution than not being in bed with my husband. I guess my niece isn't the only one with separation anxiety.

4. Ki plays poker once a week. He also watches it on tv and has read a few books about techniques and tips and whatnot. My parents have also been into Texas Hold 'Em for awhile and I just always played with the munchkins instead of joining in at the table. But lately I've gotten interested in it and I've also gotten a lot better. What if I could be amazing? I suggested to Ki that we play head to head so he could practice and he really liked that idea. So we'll see it goes, and maybe at the next fish fry or crawfish boil I can play with the boys again.

5. My oldest niece is six today. She will forever be the person who turned me into the adult who says "You know, I remember when you were this small and the first time I held you and it feels like it was just a couple of days ago." I was thinking about this today and that it might be kind of fun to assign titles to more people like that. My baby will forever be the person who turned me into the adult who wears her heart outside her body. My husband will forever be the person who turned me into the adult who really truly loves someone more than myself.

6. My little baby is feeling pretty huge these days. No kicks in the ribs (yet?) but I'm feeling some definite movement on a pretty long diagonal across my abdomen on both ends at the same time. I am feeling a lot better about pregnancy, becoming a mom, and how the baby is doing these days and I'm really grateful for that. But I still want the baby to stay inside for a little bit longer. I'm hoping for a nice chunky little newborn who is healthy and ready to have cheeks and feet nibbled on.

7. I really would like to start reading like crazy again. I need suggestions. I'm open to anything! Email me or comment with some titles or just an author you like. I used to say I wasn't big into science fiction, but if it was well written I'd be game! So no limits, suggest away. :)

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