Friday, January 15, 2010

seven quick takes

1. The earthquake in Haiti is some crazy shit. It really is, even though I try not to cuss too much on here. But a 7.0 earthquake is ginourmous and ESPECIALLY in a place not accustomed to earthquakes. It has been amazing to see the outpouring of money and desire to help from Americans, and especially those in my age group. It makes me feel a little better about humanity.

2. Have you ever heard of "hot dog sauce?" Yesterday I stopped by my husband's store and asked if he wanted anything at the grocery store because I was planning on picking up a very few items. He said he would love it if we could have hot dogs for dinner and if I could get him hot dog sauce, that would be even more amazing. I have never heard of such a thing... But sure enough, it was right next to the canned chili and there were three brands to choose from. As best as I can figure, it's like less chunky chili. You probably wouldn't want to eat a bowl of it, but it's perfect for topping a hot dog with. If you like that kind of thing that is. On a side note, I was crazy hungry so I had also made macaroni and cheese. Ki thanked me for making dinner and I just laughed and said it was like the best baby-sitter dinner ever. Next week I'll make something more elaborate or at least more grown up for us to eat.

3. My baby shower is coming up! I'm super excited and I think the invitations are adorable. I'm really looking forward to hearing from people who get them in the mail because I think they are fantastic. I'm keeping one for myself for posterity's sake. I'm registered at Babies R Us and Target, but I don't want people to think I want that specific stuff. The nursery is loosely Winnie the Pooh (not classic, the other one) and we don't have anything except two big bags of random clothes. Better deals can probably be found than getting stuff at Babies R Us especially so if you feel like getting us a gift, don't feel tied to that registry. Also, if you want to come and didn't get an actual invitation, just let me know! The more the merrier!

4. Isn't the whole late night talk show host thing on NBC CRAZY?! I really do like Conan better and have for years and I don't think this whole thing has been very fair to him. I wonder what the end result is going to be and what kind of backlash (if any) NBC will face. I know that I for one won't watch The Tonight Show if Leno gets to swoop back in. I hope this isn't the end of Conan because I really do enjoy him quite a bit. Here's hoping!

5. I know I have a great husband because today we spent the entire day together doing a bunch of really boring stuff and I had a genuinely good time. I'm a lucky girl to get to hang out with my hubby and enjoy it regardless of what activity we're actually doing. He does a great job of taking care of me even as we're part of a team trying to accomplish things. I just love him.

6. I've spent part of the week catching up on journaling about events that have taken place in basically the last month. Sometimes a bunch of stuff will happen and I'll feel so overwhelmed that I can't even write about it which ends up being a double whammy because writing helps me work things out in my head so much. I'm almost done with the catching things up part and I already feel lighter. I think I'll be up to the present by the end of the weekend and then I'm going to make it a point to write every day for a couple of weeks. Blogging almost every day and then journaling for myself is helping me get into a much better mindset. It's been a good 15 years of journaling and I still have to remind myself to do it when things get rough because that is when it is absolutely the most helpful.

7. I think I could drink a decaf venti non-fat no whip cinnamon dolce latte every day. I don't know what it is but it hits the spot EVERY TIME. Sweet but not too much so, good milky calcium, warm, and doesn't keep me up at night. I heart Starbucks. Too bad I don't have money to actively heart Starbucks.

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