Friday, January 1, 2010

five things i'd like to have happen this upcoming year

I imported my old blog to this here site and I think I'm going to continue some of the stuff I started a few years ago. Friday Five is a list of five things that may or may not have explanation attached to them. Without further ado, today's Friday Five!

1. A healthy baby born sometime in March. I have a feeling I will be induced because of high blood pressure or the baby's size or maybe both. I would just feel a little better if we made it at least to the month of the original due date! And boy or girl, I just want a healthy little one.

2. Ki and I getting to go away together for at least 2-3 days. No particular destination in mind, and the baby can come, but we need a little change of scenery vacation.

3. I would like to be wearing Ki's clothes by December. I desperately need to lose weight and get in shape and I think this pregnancy being diagnosed as high risk from the get go is finally the kick in the ass I needed to be balls to the wall about my efforts. I'm going to do Weight Watchers and post regularly about my efforts and results starting in May.

4. Ki needs a job that brings in more money and allows him to pursue his dreams. Neither of us has any idea what this looks like but I still think it's worth pursuing and can happen sooner rather than later.

5. I will have a rough draft of a book about being a high risk mama, depression during pregnancy, and random stuff no one talks about in regards to pregnancy. I have no idea how to shop it around or anything like that, but writing it will be beneficial to me and therefore worth at least trying and seeing what happens.

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