Wednesday, May 23, 2007

wednesday wonders

I'm still sick and fairly pathetic looking but there are things to be happy about. niece reminding me the power of a kiss making things better when she whacked her arm on the closet door. For reals, a quick inspection to look for broken skin, a kiss, and a wiping away of the tears and she was back to giggling and jumping and running and generally being 3. juice. Tropicana original with no pulp. De-licious.
...a pharmacy tech hearing my cough and having me stop by for some cough medicine. Awesome.
...K being way more into Catch and Release than I was. I kind of fell asleep actually. I'll watch that part again later before we finish it together.
...a job interview on Friday! I don't know how I feel about it exactly but an interview never really hurts when your boss knows you were looking to change your schedule.
...Herdez Salsa Verde.
...the show Friends
...reading bed is ridiculously lovely and I actually get to sleep in there on a regular basis.
...I heard an update from a former coworker and it was awesome and I'm not even being bitchy by saying that. green tea with a little honey and cold soy milk to make it drinkable.
...K brings me a cup of ice water when I'm picking him up from work.
...I got my rent and all bills paid on time and still have a decent amount of money in my account. That is a delicious feeling.
...central air conditioning in my apartment
...I wear scrubs to work. That's like wearing pajamas with tennis shoes.
...The Office season finale was truly fantastic. tape of the Grey's Anatomy finale cut off the ending, but my dad put their copy on a dvd for me so I get to see it later on even though I know what happened.
...I found some new blogs this week that I am enjoying.
...I love K and he loves me and it is wonderful

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