Friday, May 4, 2007

friday five!

Five Things I Would Do If Money Was No Object

1. Quit my job and go to college full-time until I got my Masters and Marriage and Family Therapist license and could start a job as a counselor in some sort of capacity. Maybe I'd just go straight through for a doctorate, but I think I would miss working before then really.

2. Take K to California and show him all of my favorite places and introduce him to every friend and family member we could manage. We'd go to San Francisco and gorge ourselves on seafood and sourdough bread, eat Chinese food in Fremont, drive on the 5, go to Disneyland and California Adventure, eat tacos in Corona, smell orange blossoms in Riverside, go to Newport Beach... It would be a truly fantastic trip.

3. Buy a house. Not a crazy big one, but one with a few rooms, good plumbing, a decent yard, and central air conditioning. Preferrably in a quasi-established neighborhood with a lot of trees.

4. Get a gym membership, go back to Weight Watchers, and take a class on nutrition or cooking or something and get into amazing shape. This is totally something I can manager pretty well right now, but I noticed that I've been letting the cost of some of the things, or just knowing that they cost something, distract me from making it happen. I'm getting there though.

5. Take K to the movies every night for a month. Or some equivalent to that. He LOVES going to the movies. I do too, but it falls to the wayside much more quickly for me than for him based on available time and funds.

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