Tuesday, May 8, 2007

frustrations in blurb format

Sometime on Sunday, my shower rod fell down. The part that the curtain goes on? It's down on the ground. I tried to figure out how to put it back up and part of it isn't entirely broken but just kind of smushed up and I don't know how you make a shower rod stay up anyway. Your bathroom will get very wet if you take a shower with no curtain up. But if you smell like coffee and various sugar based syrups and live in a humid area, you will quickly get over the floor being wet and enjoy that shower.

I work in a small room that has some large file cabinets, my desk and computer and whatnot, and a copy machine. There is an office off of this room to which the door is always locked. If you ask me if someone is in there and I say no, you won't be able to let yourself in. If someone is in there and the door is closed, perhaps they would prefer to not be available at the moment. Please, think about it for a moment, and then act.

If I was about to mop the floor and you take the mop and say you'll do it and I stand still for a moment looking around to find something else to do, please do not tell me you need for me to be doing something and not just standing around. I WAS doing something until you took the mop. One more week after this one, just one more week.

There are two people that I love very much that are DRIVING ME CRAZY. I don't understand the choices they are making in their situations and I don't understand the general inaction. It is quite possible that I will smack at least one of them upside the head the next time I see them. The other one, I think I might just take a day to not answer my phone and that might be enough for me to stop clenching my jaw so much.

Everything will be fine. Especially if I take a shower and go to bed straight after getting home tonight. How many days do you think I can wear the same clothes to Starbucks before it's an issue? :)

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