Wednesday, May 2, 2007

wednesday wonders

Splenda, look, it's on time! Wahoosie!

...banana pudding days in the cafeteria.
...joshua radin playing on my iPod.
...rainy thunderstorms. Man I love 'em. Didn't think I'd be saying that last year at this time. :)
...air conditioning.
...being able to make it through a 14 hour two job workday and only getting really antsy to go home or at least talk to K in the last ten minutes of my second shift. That is truly remarkable, folks.
...a voicemail from my mom with the babies yelling variations of "Hi Auntie! I love you!" in the background.
...the new avril lavigne album. There are so many cds I probably should have gotten first, but I just felt like owning my very own copy of "Girlfriend." It's all explicit because Avil is hardcore of course, but the ballads are fantastic as always.
...I got to go to bed before 5:30 am this weekend (I had to call in sick to accomplish this, which I felt bad about, but holy crap I needed to).
...this is my last set of overnights this week. Hallelujah! I'm okay with moving on, I gave it a good four and a half months and it's only gotten harder to make the schedule work.
...trying to guess what that really weird metallic-ish sound is that I hear every night around eleven coming from the apartment above mine. Right now I'm content with the guess that it is the door of some sort of high tech sleeping apparatus opening. is still my first click every day. And through the day.
...good heartfelt honest conversations with K.
...working on letting K in more, letting him take care of me. It's kind of scary in some ways and kind of weird in some ways and kind of delightful in other ways. I really love that man.
...sushi. Mmm, spicy tuna roll...
...having a very good talk with my supervisor that then led to an excellent meeting with another person from work today.
...sleeping in on accident but still waking up with enough time to get to work on time.
...long hot showers with good body wash. new skin regimen seems to be working well and is very much cheaper than the one I had been using.
...sometimes K will lean in and smell my neck because he likes what I smell like. It's not as creepy or weird as I just made it sound though.
...getting to talk to my mom about little and big things.
...a belated happy secretary's day card.
...those adhesive heating patches you can you stick in your underwear that work like magic to take the cramps away.
...birth control pills.
...this week is moving pretty quickly which is a nice change for me.
...pomegrante fruit juice blends with strawberry instead of green tea.

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tina said...

ah yes. we invested in the new avril cd too. you know what else I love? the new All-American Rejects one. Yay for good music.