Friday, May 11, 2007

five things i am looking forward to this weekend

1. Not working! Once I clock out Friday afternoon, I don't have to clock back in anywhere until Monday morning! I get to be one of those people who breathes a sigh of relief that it is Friday! I have weekends again!

2. Going to the movies with my boyfriend! The plans include Spiderman and possibly another one. We'll see!

3. Actually getting to spend quality time with my boyfriend! It's been a very busy week for both of us. He apologized yesterday for not seeing me much but I told him I think I'd be an awful girlfriend if I was genuinely upset about it. He moved for heaven's sake!

4. Baking twice baked potatoes for my mom for part of her Mother's Day feast! I have a new deluxe version. They now include bacon and green onions in addition to the sour cream, butter, and cheese. And no, they are not good for you, but the nature of the dish allows you to use the light version of everything and turkey bacon and still taste absolutely delicious.

5. Finishing the cleaning of my apartment. I am so stoked to have a lovely place to open the door to. It hasn't been too bad lately, but not entirely to where I'd be comfortable with my mom coming over. But today, the desk is getting cleared off, the floors are getting vaccuumed and mopped as needed, and I'm going to take a look at my closet again and see what I can do about the drama in there. I need to have a garage sale and get rid of some music and clothes. But anyway, at the end of the weekend, my apartment will be delightfully homey and hopefully the cleaning smell will have disipated.

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