Tuesday, May 15, 2007

wednesday wonders

In no particular order, here are things making me happy lately:

...this website that made me laugh even more as I continued scrolling. I'm sorry, I have a weird sense of humor and this hit the nail on the head. :) I got the link from www.dooce.com which you should really bookmark.
...my niece asking me what was wrong with my hair because it was curly.
...K and I were all curled up together and I turned my head and burped into my pillow, an event that he found to be sweet and hilarious all at the same time as I was mostly just embarassed.
...the way my nephew yells "Auntie!" over and over again as he runs up to me and stops just short to run off to get some toys or make sure his Papa knows he's there instead of giving me a hug or anything.
...my mom's utter delight at her surprise Mother's Day vase from me. I was only supposed to get her a card (which I did get, but then forgot to take with me) but spotted this fantastic owl vase and she was giddy when she saw it.
...my pedometer. Except I might have broken it. I walked from my truck all the way to my desk this morning and when I arrived after my ten minute walk, it said I had taken 5 steps.
...only having one job!
...being so well rested, calm, and relaxed that I feel a little drunk actually.
...my boyfriend moved and I'm allowed to go inside this place. It's honestly still a little weird. I don't quite know what to do with myself when I go over there.
...the song "Beautiful Man" by Lori McKenna
...my cell phone.
...iced venti no classic black tea.
...the Addison spin-off has been formally announced.
...there's also going to be a new show this fall that features Michael Vartan. Mmmm, Michael Vartan.
...being home and being able to watch pieces of the mini Friends marathons that are aired.
...watching Lost while laying with my head in K's lap and him idly playing with my hair while being astonished by what's going on in the show.
...requesting books at the library and getting emails when I can go pick them up.
...dried apricots and pears.
...my family's delight at my twice baked potatoes.
...having time to make lists of fun things to do starting next week.
...comments on MySpace and this here blog.

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