Wednesday, April 4, 2007

wednesday wonders

I am so flipping tired! I haven't caught up yet from my weekend and I'm running out of time to catch up before the next one starts! Bleh. Anyway, here's my list!

...Microsoft Outlook at work. Email and a calendar that I can print out a copy for myself and for K every week. It's awesomely nerdy.
...a giant bag of edamame from my parents that is seperated into pouches perfect for taking to work and snacking on while doing my data entry.
...naps with K.
...the process of finding a job that allows me to change my schedule is not as daunting as I had thought it would be. water. dad getting really excited about how K still loves Lost. My mom gave up on it and I pretty much have to, but he's got a glimmer of hope of watching it with K.
...the Discovery channel show Planet Earth.
...personal emails. I get like 30 message a day but most of it is spam. So the personal ones super rock.
...I know I've said this a million times, but I LOVE MY BED. And it's not even a super duper mattress! It's just comfortable and mine and I love it.
...contacts. If I have to have lousy vision, at least I can correct it and still wear sunglasses.
...watching Six Feet Under on dvd. I got the last disc today and I am stoked but also sad. There are no more episodes after this disc.
...the song Hallelujah sung by kd lang. I didn't think there was anyone who could sing it better than Jeff Buckley, but she's giving him a run for his money that's for sure.
...sharing music with friends.
...The Office. Only thing better is a marathon and GUESS WHAT! There was a marathon last week.
...wandering around Barnes and Noble for a little bit.
...going to the movies with my boyfriend.
...hanging out with Andrew! He moved to Wisconsin but came back for spring break this week. Yay for omelettes at IHOP!
...old school Nintendo.
...a new toothbrush.
...I like my hair. bodywash.

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Kate Love said...

Know why I am a fickle broad? I am an unemployed Army wife but I can literally only smell Yankee Candles- the 2nd most expensive ones after Party Light candles. Know why God is the BOMB? Yankes Candles are just about half-price at the PX>