Thursday, April 12, 2007

wednesday wonders, the thursday edition :)

There's still happy things this week, even if I skipped putting on makeup today because I sneezed forty times in the twenty minutes I was awake at my apartment before coming to work today. Ew, snot, gross. :)

...Yesterday I got my tips without even having to ask for them!
...My tips were three dollars more than what I was hoping for!
...I left my phone in an accessible place and a coworker took a funny picture of himself and set it as my background. I didn't change it yesterday and somehow keep forgetting so every time I open up my phone it makes me laugh. I am totally going to do that to someone soon.
...grande two pump mocha two pump vanilla non fat no whip hot chocolate. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out the exact appropriate ratio of syrup to milk to make a delightful cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks. The mocha isn't sweet at all and it's kind of thick so I'm not a very big fan. But this, this is good.
...Easter was a very fun day. niece told me about her job where she'll get paid five dollars and five pennies. Who knows how she got any of that in her head at all. nephew has this new things where he growl speaks things. I want to teach him how to say "(insert his name here) smash!" in that voice because I think that would be HILARIOUS coming from a two year old boy.
...I started eating a lot better this week and it's not nearly as hard as I was making out to be in my head.
...making lists of things. Things to do, things to buy, things I was thinking about, etc. I just like lists.
...a phone call from my friend Splenda.
...I made peanut butter cookies and K said it had been ages and ages since the last time he had peanut butter cookies. I said "Stick with me, and you'll have this in your life way more often." He laughed ridiculously hard.
...I had a realization that something that had been annoying me is not nearly as awful as I had been giving it credit for.
...cold medicine. Especially Nyquil.
...getting a paycheck every week. Even though this isn't permanent, it's fairly awesome for the time being. episodes of The Office last week AND tonight!
...last week's episode of The Office was HILARIOUS. With the pepper spray and the accidental cross-dressing and the trip to New York City and the more pepper spray. can personalize your homepage. I have a beach scene that changes through the day with the time and weather!
...the picture at this link being the most awesome and disgusting thing ever all at the same time.
...regular readers. Say hi sometime!
...good movies.
...Dr. Mario.
...pomegranate and strawberry frappuccinos.
...personal calls while at work.
...getting a tax return. I never ever get as much back as my friends do, but a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks. parent's gorgeous house is also very homey. I want to steal away and borrow their bath tub again soon.
...popcorn. mom still turning into Mama Bear at the drop of a hat even though I am 26 years old.
...paperclips. juice.

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Kate Love said...

I have these Italian paperclips. They are spirals. They are gay and I hate them- they don't clip anything! In fact, they just make your papers spiral all over when they fall.