Friday, April 27, 2007

friday five, the whiny version

Five Things That Should Not Happen When You Are Sick:

1. A coworker from your second job should not call you and ask you to switch with them so you go in two hours earlier than scheduled, making your shift a 9 hour one.

2. Your boyfriend should not try to start a conversation that is remniscient of picking a fight over something that you have already discussed several times before and isn't even a real issue.

3. You shouldn't have to set an alarm for anything if you've called in legitmately sick that day.

4. If you are a single adult living alone, you shouldn't have to go pick anyone up. The only travelling involved while sick should be you going to the nearest store to get more cold medicine and juice, and maybe stopping at a good Chinese food place to get some hot and sour soup.

5. You should not feel sorry for yourself. You should only be lulling yourself to sleep with NyQuil or movies you've watched a gazillion times.

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