Wednesday, April 18, 2007

wednesday wonders

...text messages.
...yesterday I gave a customer I see a lot a hefty discount and she almost cried because of the unexpected happiness. It's just coffee, but stuff like that makes me feel good.
...allergy medication making life bearable again.
...having my own apartment means I know it will be quiet and calm when I get home today and I can take a nap inbetween jobs. A much needed nap.
...a really good conversation with my store manager yesterday. She's pretty awesome, really.
...Starbucks sent in tons of people to Virigina to cover stores, to offer counseling without anyone having to really seek it, and to make sure all employees were accounted for. They opened up the store budgets so that anyone can cover shifts for anyone who needs to not be in the area or just needs some time off. This company has immediately risen to the occassion time and time again during the time I've been employeed and I think it's fairly impressive.
...even though I started off the day pretty grumpy, thinking about Andy saying he had new ways to handle the grumpies made me laugh. At least I've never punched a whole through the wall.
...there are TONS of people to talk about The Office as if they are real people with. It's fantastic. I have gotten several people hooked on it which I am very proud of. Splenda, you're next.
...and for the third Office mention in a row, check these out.
...sometimes I really do think I have a story for everything. music.
...a sushi date with my parents tomorrow night.
...a drive-thru customer said I was the cutest thing he ever heard yesterday.
...little cups of soda instead of several refills on my tumblers.
...even though I still love those tumbler cups.
...salad for lunch, two days in a row baby. Cheaper and healthier.
...voicemail and not being afraid to use it.
...bottled water. truck. It's fabulous even though I'm sure it's going to need a new battery soon. It's name is Alice, by the way, not that I ever refer to it as that.
...K said "Well, I'll be" in genuine conversation the other day and still insists to me that he's not Texan to the core.

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