Tuesday, April 3, 2007

part of my day yesterday

K and I are both night owls by nature. We'd each prefer to stay up most of the night and then sleep in heartily the next day. He often gets to do this because of his work schedule. My work schedule, however, does not afford me this opportunity. I have to get up at 5:25 am in order to get ready for work and leave at a time that gets me just ahead of the mass transit of people going to work at the seventeen hospitals by the one where I work. My magic bed time hour, where I actually wake up on my own just before my alarm clock is 10 pm. If I can be in bed at 10 and either reading or watching tv until 10:30 pm, I'm golden. This doesn't really happen very much.

First of all, it kind of pains me to be in bed just as the double digits are starting. Secondly and probably more influential, the days that K and I do get to spend time together often go into the night and it is just too hard to have to end whatever we're doing by then. So I usually give myself a curfew of 11 pm, by which I mean that's about when we leave for me to take him home. Thirdly, sometimes I work at Starbucks during the week. I changed my availability so I'm off by 10 pm, but that means I'm not actually home until 10:15 or 10:30 pm. That hasn't been happening as much because I've been working more just on the weekends, but it can be a factor.

Yesterday, K covered a shift for someone who tried everywhere to get someone to come in for her because she was having daycare issues. He got a ride at 6 am and worked from 6 something until 3 something pm. I met up with him after I was done with my working and whatnot. We went to a bar with some people and hung out and they played a couple of games of pool. Then he and I went to my apartment to get something to eat. We napped while the frozen pizza baked (I'm an amazing girlfriend, obviously, for inviting him over for a dinner of frozen goods). I let him sleep awhile longer and then we ate.

Then we resumed our positions on my bed. Except I wasn't nearly as tired as he was, so we got all curled up together and I finished the book I had been reading while he slept. I drifted off for awhile and he woke me up with a kiss on the cheek and we laid there and talked for awhile until he had to go back to work.

I have a lot of fun with K when we do stuff that has us out all day. Going to the movies, hanging out with my parents, spending time with his family, playing pool, so on and so forth. But sometimes it's just really nice to be still with him for awhile. When naptime is involved, I get the added bonus of my pillow smelling like him and that's a lovely thing to go to sleep to when I do go to bed at an hour that I still think is kind of early regardless of the necessity.

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