Friday, April 13, 2007

five reasons why i am excited to watch last night's episode of the office again tonight with k

1. Andy's back! Or should I say Drew?

2. Dwight: Jim, could you please inform Andy Bernard that he is being shunned?
Jim: Andy, Dwight says welcome back, and he could use a hug.
Dwight: Okay, tell him that that’s not true.
Jim: Dwight says that he actually doesn’t know one single fact about bear attacks.
Dwight: Okay, no, Jim, tell him bears can climb faster than they can run. Jim! Tell him!
Jim: Andy … nah, that’s too far.
Dwight: Damn you.

3. The betting on EVERYTHING. I so wish I had a group of cool office people I worked with that we could wander around doing this.

4. Michael called Dwight an ignorant slut. Twice.

5. That show literally makes me laugh out loud every single time I watch an episode. Even the ones I've seen a million times still make me laugh. Last night's episode made me laugh out loud at least three times. That's pretty kickass for a 30 minute show.

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Julie said...

I am totally with you, I was dying!! I love it that Dwight had to shun and reshun Andy each time he wanted to talk to him!! I seriously think Thursday is the best night of the week just for that precious, hilarious half hour.