Wednesday, April 25, 2007

wednesday wonders

Today has actually been kind of a rough day so far, so making my weekly list of happy things is probably a really good idea right now. So here we go:

...heavily toasted waffles with peanut butter and syrup. set of three rings that I've been wearing for a good chunk of time that were stupid cheap that STILL garner compliments often.
...24 hour allergy medicine, courtesy of my parents.
...baked sweet potatoes with a little butter and cinnamon and sugar. boyfriend thinks I'm beautiful and I can tell by the way he looks at me, even if he didn't actually say it as much as he does.
...the way the keyboard on my laptop sounds. It's muted clacking which is so much cooler than the clunky (well, clunkier) keyboard at work.
...sushi. Mmm, sushi.
...the whole concept of the library. I love reading new books for free. hair is really long these days. I might chop it all off soon, but for now, it makes me happy that it is so long.
...the pictures from Easter are super cute.
...overhearing this exchange myself:
-How was your recent trip to China? I heard you had a problem eating or something?
-Yeah. Let me tell you, that continent is not known for their cuisine. and MySpace comments.
...making the ridiculously grumpy guy who works in the same department I do genuinely laugh at something.
...conversations about literature.
...having a nice (small, but nice) little savings account that is accuring interest. I'm really proud of myself for socking little bits of money away in there. The little bits do actually add up.
...crazy Texas storms (when there's no tornados anyway).
...two more weekends of overnights to go and then I'm done! Yay!
...blogs. Writing them AND reading them. Maybe especially reading them.
...looking for background pictures for my desktop at work.
...K has suddenly taken to calling me "baby."
...the mini vanilla scones at Starbucks.
...wiping down all the counters at the store on the overnight because you actually get a chance to see them all look brilliantly clean before they get messed up again.
...Will Ferrel. music. blue reclining arm chair. I told a friend he could have it, and I really meant it, but now I am kind of glad we never got around to him picking it up. If he asks, I'll totally make good on my word, but now I just basically hope he doesn't ask.
...having cosmopolitans with my boyfriend's sister and talking about work.
...Grey's Anatomy.
...making lists.


tina said...

mini vanilla scones at Starbucks. MMM. can I just say that I tried one for the first time two day ago, and it was heavenly!!!

m3li558 said...

You know, the banana one isn't bad either. But the vanilla is my favorite.