Friday, April 6, 2007

friday five!

Five Addictions That Were Especially Prevelant This Week:

1. www.lifehacker.comIt's the coolest, nerdiest, most helpful web site EVER. I go there twenty times a day. Okay, that's a lie. But only because I subscribed to it on and it is in bold every time it's updated.

2. Eating edamame at work. My dad gave me a GIANT bag that has all these smaller portions in pouches. It's all frozen, but all you have to do is thaw and eat, so I put a back in the fridge overnight and then take it to work and get salt from the cafeteria and eat edamame while I do my data entry assignments. It's awesome because it's pretty good for you (mmm, fiber and protein) and at the very least a much better snack than anything I can get out of the vending machine here.

3. Ice water from Starbucks. A venti cup with a ton of ice is ridiculously great to me. This isn't particularly new, but I realized how much I was drinking this week when last night I walked around my apartment cleaning things up and there were several cups here and there. I drink a few glasses while actually at work and then always fill it up before I leave. And almost every time I go to K's store, I get a venti ice water there too. It's triple filtered water and it's another addiction I have that is actually good for me. This one is good for me with no strings attached.

4. Watching television shows on dvd. I cannot watch one episode at a time, I have to watch one and then at least part of another episode if not just all the episodes on a particular disc. Lately it's been Six Feet Under. I finally finished the series, so if anyone wants to talk about how crazy it was, don't hesitate to hit me up.

5. Reading. For awhile I got a little out of the habit of reading, but I am pretty much back to being a book glutton. I finished three this week. I feel rich when I have a little stack of books to read. I love going to Barnes and Noble or and writing down titles and authors and requesting them at the library if I can't find them on the shelves. I like checking out books because they have cool covers or because I heard the author talking on tv or just because even though I've read it twenty times, it's been awhile since the last time I read it. I love getting lost in a book or being challenged by a premise even if the work is a piece of fiction. I love reading. Maybe more writing is soon to follow.

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