Wednesday, January 7, 2009

wednesday wonders

Things making me happy...

...telling people about my Spurs game experience starting next Monday
...K being absolutely fantastic in non-specific ways
...long fingernails
...a clean living room and bathroom just in time to have friends randomly over books to read
...a boyfriend who loves to read and then gives me more books to read niece's eyes growing wide with excitement as I detailed an idea to start reading chapter books with her soon
...the way if you catch my nephew off guard with something funny how he has this cute little hiccup laugh
...a lovely visit with my grandmother and great-grandfather
...having jeans that actually fit
...Indian food buffets
...switching back and forth between contacts and glasses becoming more effortless
...Firefox movie tickets
...the plans for making a photo frame that includes our ticket stubs to the Spurs game
...going to a much needed Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow with my mom sister emailing job openings that may be a good fit
...King of the Hill on Adult Swim

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