Monday, January 5, 2009

my first time

My parents typically ask me for a wish list for Christmas and my birthday. My Christmas wish list usually includes a lot of things I kind of need rather than just want to have. Things that fill in gaps so I don't have to worry about them later, like underwear or gift cards that can be used for fun but may also be used to purchase things I need like groceries or whatever. Being an adult just sucks sometimes. Especially being an adult with a job that pays the bills without leaving much left over for anything else.

Well, this year, my parents threw our wish lists to the wind and decided on purely extravagant gifts for K and I as well as my sister and brother-in-law. We all knew we were getting a bottle of homemade khalua (which is an entirely different blog post that may or may not come later) per couple, but we did not know there would be envelopes inside the box that held the bottle. K and I were given two tickets to a Spurs game along with some cash to cover parking and to give us some spending money at the game. Awhile back, my mom let me know K and I needed to have a certain day off for a mysterious event and we kind of guessed it was for a Spurs game but we didn't know for sure until Christmas Eve. We also had no idea what kind of evening was in store for us.

We took my little digital camera (which I have seemingly lost the cord to connect it to my computer with), the cash my parents gave us plus a little extra just in case, and off we went! Oh, I should say that I decided to wear a black shirt because that's one of the Spurs' colors and K decided to wear a button down burgandy shirt in case we were on tv or Manu saw him. I love my boyfriend, he's so fricken cute!

I hate San Antonio freeways. I don't miss California much anymore but every time I get on the freeway to go someplace I get so annoyed at all the stupid drivers and how awkward the freeway system is here. I think it's because I took freeways EVERYWHERE in Southern California especially and it's a great system. There's no stupid access roads or turn-arounds or times when you're on one road that has three numbers and two different compass directions listed on signs. There's little warning for exits coming up in San Antonio and also random spots where you have to switch over to the complete other side of the set of lanes to stay on the freeway you're supposed to be taking.

We got to the ATT&T Center without too much hassle. And my giddiness began to grow.

First off, there is a coliseum next to the stadium and this weekend there was a gun show. So K stood in front of the gigantic "Gun Show" sign and flexed his arms for a picture because we are a hysterical couple.

Then we made our way to the stadium. I wanted us to both get souveniers and the thing I wanted the very most was a giant foam finger. You can go inside the arena awhile before the game but it's limited access until one hour before game time. I saw a counter with some Spurs stuff and just walked right up and asked for a foam finger and purchased it with a fairly ridiculous amount of delight. That was even before I knew there was a giant store with any kind of Spurs thing you could imagine!

We took a picture of me pointing to where our seats where with my foam finger. Don't be jealous of our awesome ideas of commemorating our experience.

So finally it was time that we could go to our seats. We found them, sat down, and were amazed at how good they were. They were diagonal to one of the ends of the court which was perfect for watching action. We were close enough to be able to see the players and know who they were without relying on their jerseys. Excellent seats fo sho.

We wanted to get something to eat before the game started so we went ahead and wandered around for that. I got nachos and K got a hot dog and we planted ourselves in our seats for the rest of the night. I wasn't expecting that at all! The only sporting events I've really been to have been baseball games and you can totally wander around the stadium and not miss anything going on down on the field.

The stadium was pretty full although not entirely sold out. I have to say again that our seats were absolutely fantastic. There was stuff going on the whole night! Every time out brought out some kind of activity, be it some sort of contest or performance and it was just great. It was also cool just watching how the coaches handle time outs. The Spurs coaches walk out and chat and diagram things on a clipboard and then bring it back to the team.

K and I clapped and cheered and yelled and had a terrific time. And then the final minutes of the fourth quarter took our breath away. The air was electric even though it was just a regular season game. And the Spurs and 76ers were staying right with each other and then in the very last second of the game, Tony Parker scored two points and everyone in the stadium's arms went up in a cheer. Seriously. It was so much fun to be a part of!

So, I want to go to as many Spurs games as possible from here on out. I was looking forward to the game, but I had no idea I would have such a terrific evening! Either did my parents, quite honestly. They and my grandmother and great-grandfather were highly entertained by my telling of every detail of our evening. :)

Oh! And one of the coolest things that happened was super random. The Spurs Coyote was shooting t-shirts into the stands and there was a thing up on one of the screens that said to text "shirt" to a certain number to be entered to win. I got a text at the end of the game saying I won! So we went to a kiosk and printed up a little coupon and then back to where we had started from to actually pick up the shirt. AND! It's an orange Spurs shirt and fits! How perfect is all of that (since my favorite color is orange)?!

Best Christmas present that I've ever gotten from my parents. Pure fun, pure extravagence, pure giddiness. I told them they don't have to repeat it or try to top it but to just know I had a truly fantastic night. And it was awesome to get to share such a great time with my boyfriend like that. My parents really set us up well.

What was your favorite present and why?

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