Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wednesday wonders

...starting school and being ridiculously excited about this fact. yoga class time puts me doing yoga at sunrise. How awesomely cliche is that?!
...getting to be unapologetically nerdy right from the get go. government teacher has two Masters, one in Marriage and Family Therapy and one in Government. She thought it was hysterical that I told her she might be my new hero. sore neck from my stupid car accident only lasted one day.
...I have two places that I've had multiple interviews at which has to turn into SOMETHING soon. Right? Just tell me yes.
...treating myself to an obnoxious former Starbucks employee drink: iced venti 2 pump mocha 2 pump vanilla soy no whip mocha.
...lots and lots of walking even though that was the result of not knowing my campus at all and taking the longest way possible multiple times on accident. parents letting me use their house on the way home from school as a place for peace, quiet, printing, and eating. I'm allowed to have whatever I can find but only because there is no more kahlua.
...having honest (although sometimes difficult) conversations with K about us.
...cold weather making a come back!
...classes started and I love all three and each teacher is so so so great!
...going grocery shopping and stocking up the fridge and freezer by only actually paying $10 because I had some gift cards.
...reading random books for no real reason.
...making my hair all crazy curly.
...having a makeup consultation with my dear friend Splenda and realizing I can look kinda hot if I actually try to. big poofy lips don't look as awkward as I thought they did if I wear the right kind of lipstick and whatnot.
...feeling like I'm a true Spurs fan. I listened to the game on the radio as I was driving and even sat in the parking lot to hear the last few minutes just so I didn't miss a thing.
...daydreaming about being rich and having sushi every week and season tickets for the Spurs.
...having a boyfriend who loves me as much as K does.
...talking to my niece and nephew on the phone.
...diligence meaning a $20 reduction in my electricity bill.
...browsing the web site because that stuff is some pretty cool stuff.
...watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. Those kids are freaking adorable.

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