Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, this is the week that I think is going to be rough. This is the week that I have nothing to do but fill out applications and wait for more job interviews to be set up and count down the days until my classes start. A lot of people think I am a very patient person because I am quiet when I first meet them. Just because I'm quiet sometimes doesn't mean I'm patient. It just means I'm not saying anything.

I paid my tuition, checked that the rent check is going through, and started to panic because that's pretty much it for my bank account. I have no more income. I still have some gift cards and I do have some clothes I can return if I need to (I'll decide tomorrow actually), but other than that, nothing. I really feel like everything is going to be okay and this was absolutely the best decision to make, but man does the waiting suck.

It is hard to be close to doing something but not quite there. And it's difficult to be working so hard filling out application after application and doing follow up calls and cards and just waiting for something to pan out.

If anyone has any leads on jobs, please let me know. Also, if anyone wants to just straight out hire me for something, even temporary, please let me know!

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