Friday, January 11, 2008

work work work

It's been a pretty good week. I worked a little extra and am hoping to get some serious extra hours next week. The paycheck I got today was really small because I was on call for four days and took two more days off during that pay period. I only had 6 hours of vacation time which definitely didn't cover it all. At least I knew it was coming so I didn't throw up when I opened up my check. Rent is paid, the cell phone bill is paid, and there's enough for car insurance which is the next big debit. I just need some more hours so I can save up to move to a new place (application fees, deposit, first month's rent overlapping with my last month's rent in my current place) and pay off some bills. I'll try not to be too quiet on here though while I work as much as I can.

Something clicked for me at work this week and I feel like I'm actually really good at what I do and I kinda like it. Something I'm trying to do this year is enjoy where I'm at. So much of the time I am running at super speed and trying to do a few things at a time and it seems like I'm missing out on a lot by living that way. Instead of being at work and thinking that in a few years I might have a really kickass job that I love waking up to go do and get paid way more money than I do now, I'm deciding to like what I do right now. I like everyone I work with except one person and that is certainly a good environment to be in. My boss is fantastic and my job is kind of important. So it was nice to be at work this week.

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