Thursday, January 10, 2008

wednesday wonders!

Sorry for being MIA!

...two people have very recently told me that K seems very happy these days and they are sure it has something to do with me. It's a fantastic compliment to recieve since I'm so deleriously happy with him.
...birth control pills!
...text messages and emails while at work.
...the movie Juno.
...talking to my niece and nephew on the phone. I can't understand very much but it still warms my heart.
...good quality time with my grandmother last week.
...good quality time with Kate last week.
...walking down the Valentine's Day aisle at the grocery store and realizing I need to come back to seriously look for something for my man.
...the primaries being so splendidly unpredictable. I like my elections like my basketball games: when you have to pay attention until the very end to see who wins.
...watching the Spurs.
...feeling like a super secretary at work.
...Blockbuster online.
...watching The West Wing.
...sitting in not many clothes in the middle of a clean living room.
...making plans with various people that allow me cool outings and more time one-on-one with women I've mildly connected with so far.
...amazing quality time with K.
...Jack in the Box Asian salads with crispy chicken.
...having a gym membership.

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