Friday, January 25, 2008

wednesday wonders: the friday edition

This week has flown by (although strangely each shift I've worked has taken AGES to pass) and I just realized I didn't post anything. So here's a list of happy things!

...being amused by the realization that lately I seem to only be able to make friends who's names start with K or are Heather. My boyfriend is Kiris, my best friends are Kristi and Kate, I talk to Kara a lot, I started hanging out with a girl named Kristen, there's a Heather at work who's rad and then Kate's friend Heather who is awesome too! There's still fantastic people like Tina, Julie, and DeAnna of course but lately on the phone and in person, it's been K or Heather people.
...a good heartfelt conversation where K cried and I cried too. We have to figure some things out, but the love we have for each other is unlike anything else I've experienced. It's worth struggling through a few things here and there.
...having gone to church two Sundays in a row, thank you very much.
...Kara buying me dinner last night.
...renting the first two discs of season 1 of Brothers and Sisters. I really like it! My mom asked me not to watch it when it first was showing because she loved it and I'm a show killer. The guy at Blockbuster thought that was hilarious.
...getting a very nice paycheck, especially after the last one was so awful. Yay overtime!
...having a full calendar. going well for me so far this term.
...good conversations about politics with my parents. dad took me out to lunch last Friday which was really sweet of him and I had a great time chatting with him.
...Cloverfield. You either love it or hate it and I loved it.
...emails from my friend Splenda where she is honest and to the point but still not a bitch. It's an art form and I appreciate her thoughts so much.
...nachos. The gross processed cheese and chips kind. Yum. showers at night that mean curly hair in the morning.
...blogs. -- I check out the slices at least once a day.
...finding so many apartments that are bigger AND cheaper AND closer to work on a precursory search.
...having friends I can ask TMI questions of.
...paying bills and feeling good about credit card balances
...magazines. Even though most of the content is online these days, I still love 'em. Thanks to Tina again for the surprise subscription to Glamour. :)
...sleep. Mmm, sleep.


DeAnna said...

I need to change your K thing and give you a call and catch up...

That is cute that your mom really loves Brothers and Sisters and didn't want you to watch it that cracks me up! I LOVE that show too!!!

Miss you!

tina (with a K for a last name. That kinda counts. lol) said...

Yay for you going to church two weeks in a row. I've gone for the last few weeks too! After my fourth sunday in a row, I was quite pleased with myself :) So I know you must be too.