Sunday, January 20, 2008

thank you, anonymous

I was exhausted when K left for work even though I got a decent amount of sleep. I was at work for 17 hours on Friday and didn't go straight to bed when I got home so I think that's pretty much the culprit. I do think I could work a double and then go in the next day at my regular time and be okay, but I don't think I could do two doubles in a row. Hopefully my paycheck is as sweet as I think it will be.

I showered and everything and went to Starbucks to see if K wanted me to pick him up some food. I drove through McDonald's and used my debit card to get us both lunch and then went back to Starbucks to drop off his selection. Then I drove down to the movie theater to buy tickets for us to see Cloverfield later that night. We were thinking it would sell out and we didn't want to go super late to see it but we wanted to see it yesterday for sure. It was a good strategy that worked out very nicely, just for the record. When I was standing in line, I opened up my wallet to get out my debit card and movie rewards card and realized my debit card wasn't in my wallet. I just paid with cash and went back to my truck. The debit card was nowhere to be found.

I mean nowhere to be found. I took things out of my truck, I emptied all my pockets, I went through my wallet, I checked the McDonald's bag, everything. I thought maybe it was in the parking lot at Starbucks so I drove back up there and searched the parking lot to find nothing. K came out and helped me look in my truck again. I went to McDonald's and asked inside and then looked by the drive thru windows. Nothing. I finally just gave up and drove to my parent's house about half an hour later than I had told them I would be at their place.

My parents said it wasn't that big of a deal and I just needed to call and cancel the card, and the sooner the better. I don't have much in my account and overdraft fees add up so quickly that I had awful visions of not only my money being gone but owning more just because I'm an idiot. I called and gave them my account number so they could look it up. The woman on the phone asked if I was certain no one else had used it and I said I used it at McDonald's and then lost it so that was the last transaction of mine. She said she saw that and then that fairly soon after that, someone had already called in to report the card lost. She set it up to send me a new card and said it should take about a week. And that was that!

I can't believe someone called it in lost. If I found a card, I wouldn't try to use it, but I never would have thought to call the number on the back and report it as lost. That is fantastic! I actually feel a little bad about all the cards I found at my various retail jobs that someone accidently left behind that all I did was stick it in the safe.

Everything is going to be okay.

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