Friday, January 18, 2008

another reason why being a girl is hard sometimes

Sometimes I think I need a good cry. It's not necessarily because something really awful happened that day but because it's been building up for awhile and it just needs to finally overflow. But everytime I need that good cry, it threatens to come at really inopportune times. Like when I'm talking about the Middle East with my dad. Or when a coworker is ripping into me about something so stupid I should be livid but am secretly envisioning running to the bathroom and sobbing until I can't anymore. Or when I'm talking to my boyfriend on the phone and I'm trying to say that my day wasn't really all that bad because it actually wasn't but I still need a good cry. But when I'm in the shower or just home by myself, no tears. So tonight the plan is to have some leftover garlic bread accompanied by a beer and then go to sleep until I wake up to work a double tomorrow.

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tina said...

May I suggest watching Message In A Bottle? That movie makes me sob! Whenever I need a good cry (because I TOTALLY know what you're talking about) I watch a movie like that.