Thursday, January 17, 2008

wednesday wonders!

...trying various Sam Adams beers with my boyfriend. It's fun to try out new things and I love that we're sampling different beers these days. The cherry wheat one is FANTASTIC, but only as a one beer kind of deal. The Sam Adams Light tastes really good too and I could have a few of those in one sitting. I'm not getting too fancy though, don't worry. I have a nice cold bottle of Miller Genuine Draft Light sitting next to me right now.
...the writers strike making Conan a show I thoroughly enjoy watching. He gets more time with guests and has had more of his personality come out than the past several years in the past few shows. It will be interesting to see what happens when he has writers again.
...the fact that the Golden Globes was (were?) actually cancelled because of the strike. I don't see how the writers won't get what they are asking for when they are literally costing the industry millions of dollars at this point. But please bring me back my Office! I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT JIM AND PAM!
...a fantastic time at my new friend Heather's house last Friday night. I'm totally hosting a party like that after I move into my new place that hopefully has a little more room for people to gather in.
...super fresh chicken nuggets from McDonald's with bbq sauce on a crappy day.
...good friends that I can be real with and they don't treat me like I'm just being a crazy needy girl.
...taking an iced venti cup from Starbucks to work and refilling it all night with ice from the ER and water from our cooler. Extra bonus is when I got the cup and a kiss from K before going into work.
...the Spurs.
...Eva Longoria explaining that she's not pregnant she just has a little gut because she ate too much before that picture was taken. Awesome. Bonus points is my friend Kate's whole "whatababy" phenomenon that she once explained to me but now probably doesn't happen much anymore now that she's a skinny mini.
...sitting down at the end of a crappy day and thinking about things that make me happy so I can write a blog.
...OxyClean. Even the generic is awesome (even if it didn't work right away the way i had wanted to).
...the movie Grandma's Boy
...being able to drive all the way home from K's house even though my fuel light was totally on and I didn't have my debit card with me because sometimes I'm kind of retarded. going pretty well. niece loving the birthday present I got her. She apparently carries her little purse and hands out tickets to everyone (with the little notepad and pens I put in the purse). My sister suggested she calm down on the tickets and she said "Auntie got them for me and she said I could use them however I wanted!"
...a new post on "that grey area"! Kickass!
...the web site Makes me giggle almost every day because these notes are often similar to things I think in my head but don't say out loud.
...the Progressive commercial where she says "WOW! I say it louder." Makes me laugh almost every time. I'm so easily amused.
...deciding to keep the ornament Kate gave me for Christmas out on my bookshelf instead of putting it away with the rest of the tree ornaments. It's too cute and perfect to not look at on a regular basis!
...cold weather again. Maybe there'll be more rain!
...a really loving boyfriend.

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