Monday, October 1, 2012

the one where i write about 31 days #1--making a big fat list

Okay. So today S and I literally stayed in our pajamas all day long. Because I am lazy and we didn't have any where to be. That's not a particularly great example of getting my shit together. But! I did make a to do list for the month of October.

...get rid of broken tv in the living room
...move futon to the living room
...clean out every closet
...clean out closet in the living room, pack everything up, and put S's toys in there
...put end tables in the garage
...reorganize kitchen cabinets
...reorganize pantry
...clean out fridge, including wiping everything down
...sterilize baby bottles and make a spot in the kitchen for them
...sort through baby toys to keep, give away, trade in/sell
...sort through baby clothes to keep, give away, trade in/sell
...clear off both dressers in our room
...empty out baby's room, clean, and set up for Baby C-2
...look at baby registries and add/take away as needed
...cancel cable or find it for much cheaper
...go through S's clothes and reorganize his dresser/closet
...reorganize bookshelves in the living room
...move bookshelf into the living room for just kid's books
...start reading to S every night at bed time instead of watching tv
...find out information about toddler story time at the library and go
...apply to Galen College of Nursing for entrance exam
...clean out my car
...clean stroller and repair the handle
...clean out car seat and readjust
...write a ridiculous number of posts for In the Trenches, edit, and schedule them out
...spend time with various friends prenatal yoga dvd a few times a week plan every week and include lunch leftovers as meals

So, we'll see how this goes!

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